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Hi, my name is Graham Hege. At the age of 5, I was diagnosed with severe dyslexia. I understand first-hand the challenges kids like me face trying to get the help we need to succeed in school and life.

If you’re dyslexic, you don’t get the support you need in public school or have a voice in how you learn, that’s why I created this website. I wanted my website to be “THE” source for connecting dyslexic kids to the best tutors, technology, and information available. I want to help them realize that just because their brain works differently doesn’t mean they are stupid or can never overcome their challenges.

Kids have a voice on my website. They can review their tutors for karma points, submit videos about being dyslexic, and have access to information that answers their questions. I also want to make sure parents have what they need to help their kids without going too crazy.

I hope the tutors and information here makes learning just a little bit easier for all the kids like me.

Thanks for visiting,
Graham Hege
Founder of Dyslexia Tool Hub

Graham Hege_Founder of Dyslexia Tool Hub